Dog liability insurance can be really easy


Dog owners are legally responsible for all damages their dogs cause to any third parties. That’s why you should cover this risk.


Vet costs can be very expensive, but it’s possible to cover this with an additional pet health insurance.

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We'll help you with dog liability insurance so you can spend more time with your beloved pet.
We have been active in the German insurance market for over 60 years and are happy to help you with your dog liability insurance.

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We do not give an insurance recommendation without knowing your situation and your needs. Our goal is to optimise the insurance for every four-legged friend without the owner having to spend enormous amounts of money and save everyone a lot of time. We’ll do all of that for you. We work with a wide variety of insurance companies to find the best contract for you.

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What’s covered with Dog liability insurance?

Of course, it depends on the contract you are entering into, but here are some examples:

Property damage

For example if your dog runs into the road and then causes a traffic accident. The resulting property damage is covered.

Personal injury

For example if your dog bites someone. The medical care of that person is covered.

Financial loss

For example if your dog causes someone to be late for a business meeting and they lose a contract with a client.

Legal Protection

The insurance company checks whether a claim from a third party is justified. In the event of an unjustified claim, the insurance pays the legal costs to avert the claim.

This insurance is required by law in six German states.

These six states are: Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia and Berlin.

In most other German states only ‘dangerous’ dog breeds have to have the Dog liability insurance. But it’s still advisable to have this insurance as you are liable for all damages your dog causes throughout Germany and all other European countries.

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80 million euros damage per year 

In Germany there are 100,000 insured liability claims caused by dogs every year. The insurers pay approx. 80 million euros a year in total.

Over 60 years of experience

Our Insurance Agency, who specialised on Expats in Germany helps English-speaking customers since 1960.

Germany-wide support

It doesn’t matter whether you live in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin or elsewhere. We take care of your insurance matters nationwide.

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Frequently asked questions

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How to get a quote?

Best would be to please fill out our online quotation form here. Then we will have all the required information to send you an email with our best offers.

How much does Dog liability cost?

The price is based on the breed and the cover required. In principle, good dog liability insurance can be available from as little as 47 euros a year.

Will my dog be covered outside of Germany?

Yes, all of Europe is covered (normally restricted up to 6 months at a time). Some policies also do worldwide cover.

We are of course available to answer any questions you may have. Frequently asked questions can be found here.